Alternative FinanceMarketplace in Web3.0

PDC Finance enables users to make post-dated crypto payments,
similar to post-dated cheques in the traditional finance world.

These post-dated crypto payment commitments can be traded on Opensea or in PDC Finance Marketplace*

Made by Finance Professionals for Finance Teams to easily adopt DeFi
Powered by decentralized automation bots

What is PDC Finance?

PDC Finance is an automatic post-dated crypto payment platform and an alternative finance marketplace.
PDC Finance integrated decentralized automation bots, and users can seamlessly make post-dated crypto payments
Post-dated payment commitments are represented as an NFT (ERC-721), which makes the post-dated crypto payment commitments similar to a negotiable instrument (transferrable financial instrument) and creates a unique alternative finance platform that can bridge cross-border borrowers & lenders.


Post-dated crypto payment

Make fully on chain post dated payment. Unlike Escrow, funding for post dated payment can be made available just before the maturity date. This unlocks liquidity & brings various possibilities


Money Lending

Lenders take exposure on PDC issuer. Irrespective of PDC holder, lender can be sure that the future dated commitment will be honored based on PDC issuer creditworthiness.


Money Borrowers

Let’s say Alice received a PDC from Ethereum Foundation, for a payment of DAI 10,000/-, payment date 60 days from now. Alice can place the PDC NFT on PDC Finance marketplace for funding.


Powered By


PDC finance utilizes Gelato automation to execute Post dated crypto payment from the smart contract itself without any user interaction .

How it works?


Once the payer.eth sends a PDC to receiver.eth an amount of DAI 10,000 on a future date, for e.g., 15th January 2023, the following things are automatically carried out by PDC Finance App


The receiver.eth receives an acknowledgment of PDC payment in the form of an NFT (similar to Uniswap LP NFTs)


PDC Finance Wallet integrates Gelato automation, which pick up this post-dated transaction & watch for the maturity date (in this case 15th Dec 2022) to make the payment to the receiver.eth from the payer.eth PDC Finance’s wallet.


The payer need not hold the necessary balance when initiating the PDC payment. But the payer needs to make sure to maintain the necessary balance (in this case DAI 10,000) & small gas fees in the PDC Finance Wallet at the time of maturity date & time.


In case receiver.eth required cash before maturity date, receiver.eth can transfer the PDC NFT in PDC Finance Marketplace (under construction) to investor.eth. On PDC maturity date, payment goes from payer.eth PDC account toinvestor.eth



PDC Finance is solving the problem of money borrowing and lending and bridging the gap between a lender and borrower by creating a channel which can be trusted with the help of DeFi.

Bringing DeFi to traditional finance
Unlock liquidity
PDC holders can get finance based on PDC issuers creditworthiness
Bringing organic users to DeFi


We are a team of crypto enthusiasts having 20 years of combined experience in Finance and Technology.
We have a vision to solve the lending and borrowing problem with the help of DeFi.


Venkatesh Rengarajan

Finance Expert & Solidity Dev

A qualified finance professional experienced over a decade in Finance/Trading. Have been in Blockchain & Solidity development for the past 2 years and got attracted to DeFi. Looking forward to leveraging my core finance experience in bringing DeFi to traditional finance!


Manish Rana

Full Stack Developer

A technology enthusiast and Passionate Full-stack Developer with 4+ years of hands-on experience in developing scalable websites/applications with Blockchain Integration using a wide range of front-end and back-end technologies.



We are proud to mention that PDC Finance originated during Moralis Google Defining DeFi Hackathon & won the below prizes


Future Roadmap

We have a long term vision for PDC Finance to bring this
idea to real work and we will be doing the following upgrades.


Protocol Integrations

To integrate various DID protocols

Arbitration Integrations

To integrate decentralized arbitration


Gnosis Integration

To integrate in Gnosis safe app

Metamask institutional

To integrate Metamask institutional